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Unique And Mix

Sulwhasoo perpecting skin care set

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설화수 자음 퍼펙팅 2종
Sulwhasoo perpecting skin care set

January Special

SulHwaSoo means the outstanding beauty of the flower which bloom in the snow. 
Its philosophy is beauty's origin, harmony and balance.
SulHwaSoo seek the beautiful which is in harmony with nature and use natural ingredients.

Essential Perfecting Water - 125ml
Essential Perfecting Emulsion - 125ml
  .. Essential Perfecting Water - 15ml
  .. Essential Perfecting Emulsion - 15ml
  .. First care activating perfecting serum - 8ml
  .. Concentrated ginseng renewing perfecting cream 10ml (special)
Gel-type skin water that protects your skin comfortably and provides 
    full moisturizer for the four seasons

JaumYeongYangDan™ to Provide Nutrition Strengthening
   The four-season skin-protecting JaumYeongYangDan™ helps the skin nourish and give it a healthy skin base.

 Taraxacum herb extracts that help to soothe the skin
   The taraxacum herb extract makes your skin feel comfortable.

 Moisturizing charge effect with thick gel-type skin water
   It is a soft, nutritious texture that fills and wraps skin texture tightly.

  How to use: Every morning and evening, take a suitable amount the product on your 
  hand and apply it to your face evenly.

💕Special gift for unique&mix customers 🎉
Sulwhasoo essence (12) feel of mask (4)
Snp sleep mask (2) green tea mask (3)
Sum time energe cream(6)

Valid till 11 July 2024