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Eco-friendly Foldable Water Bottle- 500ML

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$15.00 AUD
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$30.00 AUD
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$15.00 AUD

When you are participating in various leisure activities, a brand new foldable water bottle from Vitdam Co., Ltd. will be an ideal item. The bottle's volume shrinks to one-twentieth when it is completely folded so that it can be carried in one's pocket. The easy-to-carry outdoor bottle is also safe to use for everyone due to use of BPA-free reliable material.

It is made with SLLDPE(super linear low density polyethlene) for inside and BON(biaxially oriented nylon film) for outside, respectively. The bottle is heat-resistant and is also safe to boil it in hot water and freeze it with water. The capacity comes in various sizes of 380ml, 500ml, 700ml, 1L and 4L.

Well-being water bottle BPA FREE BOTTLE.

It contains no BPA! No Smell ! No germ!

Eco-friendly foldable water bottle. Freezing is ok! Hot water is ok! Boiling is ok!