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Finger Treat Revitalizing Nail Care

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Finger Treat

Revitalizing Nail Care

 Nail care set for revitalizing your nail and skin.

The Finger Treat oil set is a set with nail shiner and revitalizing oil. 
The nail shiner keeps the nail beautiful, healthy and shiny by gently trimming the surface.
Revitalizing oil is a high-quality nutritional oil containing hemp oil, coconut oil, Sea Butter and Vitamin E, it is absorbed quickly and moisturizes nail and skin for a long time.



 Revitalizing set ; 
- Provides time to recover from nail art.
- Nourishes and improves nails and skin which easily get chapped. 
- Makes healthier and smoother skin and nails.
- Moisturises and nourishes your nail cuticle.


Special Features of Revitalizing Oil

1. Made of 100 % natural oil including Hemp oil, Coconut oil, Sea Butter and Vitamin E.

2. Roll on type head gives you a rolling massage as using it.

3. Natural fragrance lasts for a long time.

Special Features of NAIL SHINER

- Nail shiner is made of 2.9mm high strength glass.
- Product life is much longer than a sponge or a sandpaper buffer. 
- It makes your nail healthy and shiny by trimming a thin layer of the nail surface. ​


Product description and package

Name: Revitalizing Nail Care

Country of origin: S.Korea

Glass Shiner Size : 14cm x 1.5cm

Revitalizing oil size : 10cm x 1.5cm

Box size : 6.3 cm x 16.3 cm

Components: Glass nail shiner + revitalizing oil