Lucanus UV-C LED Sterilizer

Lucanus UV-C LED Sterilizer

Lucanus UV-C LED Sterilizer

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It kills 99.9% gems in 20 minutes

Rechargeable, for 2 hours charge, can use up to 10 times.

Portable and can be use at any place

One touch to use and reset hole

It kills coliform, pseudomonas aeruginosa, staphylococcus, salmonella, mutans and 700 more other gems.

Made in Korea




Fast and Useful: With UV-C LED disinfection, it can reach up to 99.9% sterilization.
Powerful and portable.
Rechargeable, convenient for daily use.
For 2 hours charge, can use up to 10 times.


How to use:
Open the lids, puts small items which you can’t wash into tray inside. Turn on power, lights show the progress by turning off one by one. When it finishs, beeps. Then it all sterilized. You don’t need to watch.


Do not look at the LED lights, it can damage your eyes.

Do not let children touch. Keep away from children.

Use dry and soft towel to clean inside tray frequently.

Do not pour water.

Do not drop it or throw to any objects.


Name:  Lucanus UV-C LED Sterilizer

Model: LNS-200 series

Power: DC 5V

Duration of power: 20 minutes and off automatically

Weight: 495 g (exclude box package)

Size: 225x119x84 mm

Product of South Korea.

Package included:    

A main body, a USB cable and instruction

 Warranty: We exchange if the unit is faulty.


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