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Morning Surprise 3GF Repair Essence

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KFDA certified wrinkle and whitening functional cosmetics

Transparent liquid type essence with plentiful nutrition

3GF Premium essence, Skin Protection, Wrinkle improvement, Whitening

Why is it good?

Use of 3-growth factor protein EGF, IGF and FGF and it is related with epidermis (EGF), dermis (FGF) and  growth hormone (FGF), which acts for skin regeneration and anti-aging.

KFDA certified dual functional cosmetics (wrinkle and whitening) Dual-improvement functional premium essence using KFDA certified Niacin amide (whitening improvement), Adenosine (wrinkle improvement) after clinical test.

Wrinkle improvement clinical test completion Daegu Catholic University completed clinical test for wrinkle improvement effect.


How to use?

Put few drops on face and rub it well day and night.

Size: W50×L50×D140mm
Volume: 100ml
Weight: 295g