Weety Roll Cleaner

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Weety Roll Cleaner

Puppy and cat fur on sofa,

Dust and hairs on bed sheet,

Tiny dusts on carpets,

Just roll, it will clean up.

It’s not refills, it’s washable.

When you done, just clean it with water.

Leave it dry or use dry towel to clean up water and reuse.

This can be used up to 60,000 times.

Made in Korea





How to use:

  1. Remove the clear film from the roll
  2. Put the handle in the hole, push one side in then put the other side in, push down and turn around until it clicks
  3. After use, slide down the panel so it can stand alone
  4. It’s sticky at the beginning, so use for the bed sheets or clothes first. Don’t use for vinyl or leather, it can damage.
  5. Once used, when it’s less sticky, rinse with water. Let it dry. Or if you wish to reuse after wash, use dry towel to clean water.
  6. Keep away from children and pets. Don’t let them bite.
  7. Once used, clean with water, slide the cover down and let it dry until next time you use.
  8. This can be used for up to 60,000 times.



Part: Main, Handle


Name: Weety Roll cleaner

Model No: KL-301

Patent No: 10-2019-0114240

Made in Korea

Distributor: IMEA Pty Ltd, 0452 166 939