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Copi - Premium Italian Cork – Clutch Briefcase

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** We offer engraving service for Copi 

It's great gift to present someone with their name on it.


Cork oak, is an evergreen oak tree. It is the source of wide range of products, wine bottle stoppers, cork flooring, wall tiles and sound-proofing in the car industry, handicrafts and artistic uses. Cork is also used in making cricket balls, Hurling Ball (Sliothars), badminton shuttlecocks, handles of fishing rods and special devices for the space industry.

Natural stands of cork oak can support diverse ecosystems. Over the time the cork cambium layer of bark develop considerable thickness and can harvested every 10 years to produce cork. The harvesting of cork does not harm the tree. In fact, no trees are cut down during the harvesting process. Only the bark is extracted, and a new layer of cork regrows, making it a renewable resource. The tree is cultivated. Cork oaks commonly live more than 200 years. A tree can be harvested about twelve times in its lifetime. Cork harvesting is done entirely without machinery, being dependent solely on human labour. The process requires training due to the skill required to harvest bark without inflicting too much damage to the tree.



Copi is made by fine handicrafts man using premium Italian cork. Designed and hand made by the Designers in South Korea. It’s Eco-friendly and can be used for long time. It’s the products get better with times. Copi has various ranges of bags, pouch, key rings, ipod case, belts, coasters, mobile phone case, wallets, business card holder etc.


If it gets dirty, just rinse with water. Use towel to dry and use it. If it stains, use some soap to clean and let it dry in shadow, it will get back to original shape and color. It’s cork so it’s water-proof but don’t soak in water. Don’t heat with direct heating.

With you touch more, it will change to darker color but it will look more vintage.

It’s cork from tree so all different shapes, none of them identically same. So when you receive the product, and slightly different, please understand. Due to using premium cork and hand made by craft person, we can’t guarantee when the next product will available. We can only sell what we have now in stock.


6 colors available