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HiO2 Deodorant for Cat litter Box

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The Game changer in the cat-litter deodorant market

As it is fragrance-free, there is no objection, and if you simply mix it with the existing cat letter, it will deodorize perfectly for more than 2 weeks.

Can we make cat litter deodorant that is safe and odor-free and long lasting?

Size: 500ml (Zipper pack)


Special features of HiO2 toilet deodorant

1. Deodorizing and even antibacterial with only oxygen without any fragrance, odor.

Perfect deodorization and antibacterial with only oxygen without any scent or odor.

2. Easy and comfortable. Last 14 days per pack (500ml, based on 1 large cat litter box)

3. dust free natural stone - dust free due to porous natural stone 

4. For your precious cat - no sharp natural stone that has been processed in to a round shape

5. Natural stone with high adsorption power - use of natural stone with low dust and high adsorption power



How to use:

Just mix into your cat litter box



2-4 weeks