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HiO2 Deodorant Gel - Kill the smell without scent

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$34.00 AUD

Innovative deodorant, you've never seen before.

Clean up any odors with no scent.

Size: 230g

Color: Black, yellow, light gray and sky bule (Contents are all same)

*We can only send a can but if you wish a specific color, please write a comment.

How to use:

Just open the can's rid and leave it wherever need.


It's gel type so please stand it flat. If it fell, gel can spill.


Once open 2-3 months


Wherever there is an odor, just open it and then completely deodorized.

Are you worried about strong smell of air freshener and the smell that mixes with bad odors and causes headaches?

Simply place it anywhere you need to deodorize, whether at home, in the office, bathroom, toilet or in your car.

Make your home free from odors, virust, bacteria and mold.

Apply to:

cigarette smell, musty smell due to mold growth, bathroom, toilet, under the kitchen sink cabinet, around the trash bin, shoe cabinet, teenager's room, senior's room.